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And so it is... Alexander Mc Queen committed suicide.
Now panic and freak out..


Hey hey hey...

My current problem: One minute I'm happy and the next I feel miserable..Wtf is wrong with me?

An option: "I'll move to Paris, shoot some heroin and fuck with the stars" by Time to pretend - MGMT.

Rainwear: I bought a Burberry Brit trench coat.Such a classic piece!

Officially 18 years old: Yes please.On 15th Februar is my BIRTHDAY!

All day listenning to: 1.There's a light that never goes out - The Smiths
2.Time - David Bowie (I really LOVE this man.He's a genius.)


Crazy in love: If you are, you should buy "Penguin's Poems for LOVE"..It's a really fantastic collection.

So in fashion: The abstract print dress is a must for this season.

Tory Burch: Pink neon flats to die for!

TV trash: I am now addicted with the tv show 90210.Especially last Sunday was a "watching movies in bed" day..I must admit, I had fun!

Late at night: The last 2 days I've been studying really hard and I'm proud of it, but tired.Both days I slept at 03.00am..And one of my motivations to stay awake was this quote "You'll sleep when you'll sleep when you die" :p


What the fuck: It's 12:46am right now and after posting this, I'll start studying.And I have to get up at 8 tomorrow morning.And I feel so lonely..

Lies: The average person tells 4 lies a day,which means 1460 a year.By the age of 60 about 88000.And the most common lie is: i'm fine!

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I think I'm the worst many days since my last post.But whatever, i'm really fine (not sick anymore) and I had so much FUN the last 2 days.Oh alcohol..

All I want is: Love, Inspiration, Success.

And for you: A happy new year, and a happy life with many everyday kisses from the people you love!

I would rather go out naked: Just check out the new Lanvin ad.Actually it is a version of a portrait by Inez Van Laamsweerde.But in my opinion it’s not the ideal photograph for a fashion ad.

Material girl: Why can't I stop shopping?

Excited: I found a cool and really cheap leather jacket at H&M!

Dream: I wish I had a huge bookcase in my home, full of magazines (V,Vogue,Pop,Numéro,Muse) and full of books (about art,travelling,fashion and great personalities).

Question: Do you prefer the 800x600 or the 1024x768 image size?

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Hey everyone..I have bad news!

1. I'm sick :(
2. I prepared a post for you with pictures from my Christmas shopping but the site (which I use to upload my files) doesn't work. Any advice or help please?

Kisses and have fun ;)

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