I'm sorry for not posting earlier.It has been a really busy and tiring week.My thoughts today are ...

My fashion tip: Feel free to mix and match and wear whatever you like,BUT with confidence.

Expert advice: "Never follow a trend just because it's a trend.If you feel sensual, confidence and glamorous, chances are you're very much in vogue." Donatella Versace

What i last bought: Two See By Chloe' dresses. (Pictures soon)

What i want to buy: I just decided, that I really need a Chanel 2.55 bag.I love it, but can't afford it right now.I have to save some money, I guess.Do you know the price?

I promise there will be soon outfit pics here.I'm not so confident yet.
Thank you everyone for your comments.
I didn't expect so positive reactions!
xo xo


  1. congratulations! you did it :)
    and I love the picture with the girl doing their nails.. is that you? ;) red nails are so fab :)

  2. Girl that chanel bag is the dream of my life!! i'm an absolute chanel worshipper in fact :D
    Anyway the price is more than one thousand euros i'm afraid hmph that's basically why i decided i want it as my graduation gift. You know, when people usually ask for a car. It's far less expensive and far more versatile :D and useful :D you can use public transport but you can't live without a chanel 2.55 forver can you?

  3. Can't wait to see new posts!


  4. i would die for that chanel bag. ah, rachel zoe moment. i die. i die.
    <3 C

  5. I have the Chanel 2.55 and I love it. I don't remember the exact price but it's around €2000.

  6. ahh chanel <3 i think every girl needs a little chanel in their closet haha

  7. i want to suscribe ok??

    hi!!i like so much ur blog!!
    please i want u to see mine and suscribe if u like it pleaseeee!!

    are u the girl of the pic??

  8. Oh yeah i totally would adore that bag too, shame about the price tag though!
    I really think you have a fab blog!

  9. Loved all the photos.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  10. great everything!
    you are a great blogger! not much people get +2 comments on their FIRST POST!!
    I'm waiting for more :D

  11. I'm not going to lie but that quilted Chanel purse will probably be the next best purchase that will last a lifetime! I would if I could too!


  12. Thanks for ur comment about which laptop to get :D I will definitely look into the vaio, i found that one pretty but lets see if it matches my expectations from the inside hihi.

    About ur blog, girl please please post some pictures of you in ur new 2 See By Chloe dresses :D im curious now! No need to feel insecure, but I do know the feeling too :) took me forever to start a blog and make pictures of myself (i hate pictures and i hate people that take pictures of me! ha ha) Anyways, that Chanel bag, that's such a darling bag!! My bag-dream is a black epi leather speedy bag by LV! I could wear it with almost everything and i truly need a basic black bag first!

    Im going to follow u on bloglovin and add u to my inspiration blogs girl :D this looks promising! xx have a nice weekend!

  13. chanel is the love of my life. i love the picture with the girls painting their nails! x

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  15. confidence is very important in anyone's style. :)



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